Stories of Hope

Yvonne Moncur- Breast Cancer 

As you receive those treatments, don’t think of anything negative. Stay from around negative people, negative thinking, negative thoughts. Just think on a positive mental attitude. Give God thanks, and you will make it. I made it.

Minarda Powell – Breast Cancer

I think just being in that moment and just realizing that each day that you have is precious and to acknowledge it, good or bad, know that on the bad days, keep telling yourself that this isn’t going to happen all the time and it’s not going to last forever

Going to the beach, just sitting there, that’s one of my favorite things to do is to sit on the beach and just listen to the water and just kind of appreciate the beauty

Find whatever it is that makes you feel good and doing it as much as you can.

Theresa Burrows – Breast Cancer

It’s okay for you to feel discouraged. It’s okay for you to cry. It’s okay for you to feel hurt and bad all of those emotions are part of it. It’s just that when you realize that you’re in that state, don’t stay there. Use that time to heal. Use that time to bring yourself back up and just think of ways that you can motivate yourself.

Cancer has taught me most of all to live life to the fullest every day, one day at a time.

Do what’s best for your family and always try to be positive and live your life to its fullest.

Ellis Johnson – Colon Cancer

When you first hear about it, you start saying, what would happen to your kids, what would happen to your wife, what would happen to your family? And all these things, so many questions come to you and the best thing that helps is to have a lot of people around you, as much people as possible. It is not easy to go through.  But you did. You beat it.

I just felt good with him. I just felt comfortable and to be honest with you, I, I really wanted to be home in case anything happened. I really, really wanted to be home.

Trevor Wallace – Pancreatic Cancer

I believe pancreatic cancer has a five percent success rate. At no time dealing with him did I ever feel like I actually had cancer. They have to remind me that I had it. The quality of my life hasn’t diminished physically at all.

Anybody who has the opportunity to go and to be under care with Dr Francis, I would encourage you to do so right away. Listen to him the way I listened because like I say, you cannot fake being genuine.